CD REVIEW: Carl Orr- Forbearance

Carl Orr- Forbearance
(www.carlorr.com / KR04. CD Review by Frank Griffith)

Guitarist and composer Carl Orr‘s latest release Forbearance is a completely new sound and approach for Orr compared with his previous CDs, providing the listener with a tonic for the ears and the heart. Largely wielding the acoustic guitar we experience a quieter and more ruminative Orr that screams out – but this time in a poignant and understated fashion.

Aided by producer, Tim van der Kuil and arranger/pianist, Grant Windsor, (both of whom are longstanding colleagues of Carl’s from Australia) Carl has wonderfully crafted a unique amalgam of Americana exploring rock, folk and classical styles. One can hear references to James Taylor, Ry Cooder and Bonnie Raitt rather than say, Herbie, Miles and Billy Cobham whom Carl played and recorded with for many years.

The music is hopeful and optimistic while occasionally imbued with an inward melancholia that no doubt reflects the artist’s profound views on the state of the world today. These are coupled with his successes and travails on his journey amidst the capricious vicissitudes and fate that a musician of Orr’s magnitude faces in the current climate of the “music business”.

Forbearance should be listened to and judged in its entirety, becaus the sum is greater than its parts. This is an All-Americana feast of delightful creativity and originality.

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