NEWS: Concern over future of Ealing Jazz Festival is spreading / petition reaches 1000 signatures

The 2013 Ealing Jazz Festival. Photo: Ealing Summer Festivals

Sebastian writes:

I have been approached by a number of people who are extremely concerned that decisions which will “decimate” one of London’s most popular summer festivals, and certainly one of the closest to the jazz community, the Ealing Jazz Festival in Walpole Park.

At the root of the concerns are the involvement of a company called The Event Umbrella (TEU), based in Whitstable in Kent which has taken an increasing role in the summer festivals run by Ealing Council, and is proposing – from the information I am being given – to cut the festival down to two days, to take over the programming of the jazz festival, and (somehow?) to absorb the financial risk of the festival. The company itself does not currently have a functioning website, it is exempt from filing proper accounts and appears to have minimal assets, but there is some detail about it HERE.

There is a petition giving more information HERE which has just reached 1000 signatures. 

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  1. If Brecon is any precedent, this news is not good. The concert promoters seem to have cut themselves off from any local involvement, reduced the number of venues, done away with Stroller tickets and put prices up all round and – to add insult – slapped on a “booking fee” which is payable even when you turn up at the venue waving cash. By all means charge a sensible admission fee, but keep it public and local!

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