PREVIEW: Elliot Galvin Trio perform in Tina Edwards Presents ( Pizza Express Dean St, 17 Feb)

Simon Roth, Tom McRedie, Elliot Galvin

As part of the series “Tina Edwards Presents,” the Elliot Galvin Trio (with bassist Tom McRedie and drummer Simon Roth – above) will be heading to Pizza Express Dean Street on 17th February. It will be their debut appearance at the club. Tina Edwards will also be doing a short on stage interview before the performance. She had a chat with Elliot:

Tina Edwards: You’re about to release a second album; can you give us a preview as to what to expect? 

Elliot Galvin: We decided to record our new album in Berlin at this massive ex-DDR radio complex called ‘Funkhaus’. When we arrived we didn’t have a drum kit and only had a couple of hours to find Tom a Bass, but we did bring a glockenspiel, accordion, cassette player, roll of duck tape, couple of melodicas and a stylophone with us. At the studio there was a cafe we went to each day for lunch that was run by this terrifying German woman who told you off if you didn’t finish your food, we discovered these amazing chocolate biscuits that the recording engineer kept bringing each day called Prinzen and we stayed in this guys house that smelt of feet. I think it all managed to make its way onto the album.

TE: Sounds like a memorable experience. Speaking of which, that’s exactly how I’d describe your shows; For anyone who hasn’t seen you perform live, would you like to warn them of what to expect? 

EG: We like to play around with different sounds like toy pianos and cassette players, playing music is about as much fun as you can have, and we like a lot of different kinds of music. So we’ll be playing everything from pretty whistled melodies to improv on a homemade microtonal melodica, and a lot of things in-between. 

TE: This is your first time playing the  Pizza Express Jazz Club on Dean Street. What will you be playing?

EG: We are really looking forward to playing at Pizza Express for the first time, it’s a great venue and our first London gig of the year! We’ll be playing some tunes from our first album, but also some sneak previews from our new album coming out later this year. Can’t wait!

LINK: Podcast interview with Elliot Galvin from 2014

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