Bill Bruford

Michael Rüsenberg writes (*):

Bill Bruford, at 66, Drummer extraordinaire, has been working for 4 1/2 years since his retirement from playing in public on a doctoral dissertation. It is done, and has been awarded a Ph.D by the University of Surrey in Guildford.”I know, I know: and to a drummer, too,” he says.

His retreat into academic life has evidently made certain demands on him. He has written in a letter to supporters and friends: “I´m thrilled to be back in the land of the living.”

His doctoral dissertaion is due to appear as a published book within the next year.

(*) Michael Rüsenberg’s original and slightly longer German text appeared on his Jazzcity.de website

LINK: Announcement on the University of Surrey website

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  1. Well done Bill . You have come a long way from Wallorton Gardens Love from Wally and Geraldine Houser

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