VIDEO and PHOTOS : Brendan Reilly Life of Reilly album launch at Century Club

Sebastian writes:

California-born singer Brendan Reilly described himself as “a frustrated soprano” as he launched his debut album Life of Reilly at Century Club in Shaftesbury Avenue on Thirsday before Easter. In every other respect he conveyed happiness, the band of Dado Pasqualini and Al Cherry were on great from, and the launch was well-attended and well-supported by other singers and instrumentalists, Tom Cawley, Gwyneth Herbert and Natalie Williams all performed guest turns. Melisma-averse jazz folk look away now.

Brendan Reilly and Natalie Williams
Photo credit Julian Fontenell

The audience at the launch
Photo credit/ copyright: JamyLee/AkaraTheMusic

Tom Cawley guesting on Melodica

Brendan Reilly and Gwyneth Herbert,
Photo credit: Julian Fontenell

Life of Reilly will be released on 29 April – iTunes page 

LINK: Brendan Reilly website

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