PREVIEW: 2016 Inntoene Festival (Diersbach, Upper Austria, May 13-15)

The main stage in the barn at Inntoene
Photo credit : Michael Fuehrmann

Sebastian writes:

One of the most characterful jazz festivals in Europe is Inntoene. It takes place over Whitsun weekend on a working pig-farm in open country near Diersbach in the Innviertel, a part of Upper Austria close to the German border. It is a relaxed affair where congeniality and the sense of a shared experience take over from wristbands, walkie-talkies, security and VIP areas. It has a main stage in a large 850-seater barn, and a “St.Pig’s” a small club setting.

For such a small festival, Inntoene clearly punches above its weight – it was where Gregory Porter gave his first festival appearance in Continental Europe, for example. Two broadcasters, Austrian Radio and WDR3, record the whole programme. This year’s line-up looks a fascinating mix of the legendary, the better-known and the new and unfamiliar.

I wrote about this festival for Allaboutjazz last time I went in 2011, and am looking forward to a second visit.:

Just that sight of all the times in the programme below being given as “ca.” or “approximate” helps to get one into the mood of a relaxed, unstressed, close encounter with some great music.


Friday 13th May

ca. 19:00: Kenny Werner Trio
ca. 20:30: Rosenberg Trio (gypsy jazz / two guitars and bass)
ca. 22:15: Rom / Schaerer / Eberle
ca. 23:45: Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentleman

Saturday 14th May

ca. 14:00: SO III (Finnish trio)
ca. 15:45: Gadi Lehavi Trio (Israeli-born pianist)
ca. 17:30: Márcio Faraco Solo (Brazilian-born guitarist)
ca. 19:15: Harry Pepl (tape) & Salesny / Bayer / Frosch / Heginger
ca. 21:00: Al Foster Quartet
ca. 23:00: Ruthie Foster

Sunday 15th May

ca. 11:00: Funky Lemons Big Band / Upper Austria Youth Jazz Orchestra
ca. 14:00: AMC Unit (Slovakian piano trio)
ca. 15:45: Azar Lawrence “Tribute to McCoy Tyner”
ca. 17:30: Dom La Nena
ca. 19:15: Dudek/Haurand/Humair
ca. 21:00: Peter Bernstein Quartet
ca. 23:00: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

LINK: Inntoene Festival website

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