PODCAST INTERVIEW: John Turville – Solstice (Forthcoming album + Live at Manchester Jazz Festival 23rd July)

John Turville – Solstice by LondonJazz

Sebastian interviewed John Turville about the band Solstice, in which John works with Brigitte Beraha, Tori Freestone, Jez Franks, Dave Manington and George Hart. Solstice will be at the Manchester Jazz Festival on 23rd July, and the band has an album “Alimentation” out on Two Rivers Records later in the year. Audio production by Naoise Murphy. 


00:15 – New album – Alimentation
01:36 – Hermeto Pascoal
02:28 – Pierre de Bethmann
03:08 – Vocalist Brigitte Beraha
03:40 – Title track, Solstice
04:45 – Music – Solstice (Hart)
05:47 – Guitarist Jez Franks
06:50 – Food and loss – Mourning Porridge
08:43 – Music – Mourning Porridge (Turville)
09:21 – Kenny Wheeler, English influences
10:40 – Collective responsibility in the band
12:28 – Dave Manington’s compositions – The Anchor Song
13:52 – Music – The Anchor Song (Manington)

Solstice will be at the Manchester Jazz FEstival on July 23rd

LINK: Solstice feature from March 2016

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