PODCAST INTERVIEW: Canadian vocalist Sienna Dahlen (New CD Ice Age Paradise for release Sept 2016)

Sienna Dahlen Interview by Sienna Dahlen, LondonJazz

Sebastian writes: 

Canadian Singer SIENNA DAHLEN is a highly imaginative singer / songwriter, but is also the vocalist of choice for many of Canada’s leading jazz composers. I did this interview with her during the 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival(*). We talked about her career, the themes which come to the fore in her work, and then focused on her new album “Ice Age Paradise,” due for release in September. Audio production is by Nicholas Heymann.  


01:13 – Music – Ice Age Paradise
01:33 – Affinity for Montreal
02:27 – Attraction to nature
03:25 – The background to Your Eyes
04:02 – Music – Your Eyes
04:35 – Theme of coldness
05:55 – Collaborations with Christine Jensen and Joel Miller
07:26 – Music – Warm Lake (from Dream Cassette)
08:59 – A favourite track on Notes from Montreal: Parc La Fontaine
10:51 – Music – Parc La Fontaine (from Notes from Montreal
12:12 – Slow tempos
12:55 – The background to Venezia
14:58 – Music – Venezia

The Music, except where stated, is from Sienna Dahlen’s forthcoming album Ice Age Paradise 

Notes from Montreal by Mike Rud was recorded in 2013, and received a Juno Award in 2014
– Dream Cassette by Sienna Dahlen and Joel Miller was released in June 2016
Sienna Dahlen’s website

(*) Thanks to the Festival’s press team who kindly hosted us on a very busy day.

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