RADIO FEATURE: Jazz Travels on JazzFM about the 2016 Montreal Jazz Festival

In foreground: Charlotte Ostafew of Dakhla Brass
She talked about Tokyo Chutei-Iki (in background)

Sebastian writes:

There is currently a feature about the Montreal Jazz Festival on JazzFM, in which I was Sarah Ward’s guest on Jazz Travels. It is currently available on Catch-Up at JazzFm.com (LINK)


Music – Twin by Christian Scott

03:45 Sarah Ward introduction

04:45 Seb – Quebecois swear-words

06: 36 Andre Menard interview

7:40 Music: Joni Mitchell The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines

10:55 Sarah Ward

11:20 Talking about Tokyo Chutei – Iki with Charlotte Ostafew of Dakhla Brass (see picture above)

14:38 Music: Dakhla Brass

18: 00 Adverts / Travel

22:55 Music – JALCO / Limbo

29:33 Leah Blythe’s walking tour / interview

32: 54 Music – Oscar Peterson – Night Train

38: 00 Seb – The atmosphere around the festival/ the appeal of the plateau / welcoming city

39: 25 What to look out for at the festival / what’s on offer

40: 33 Adverts / Travel

45: 26 Music: Taj Mahal

51:00 Music: Chris Potter – Nausicaa

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