PODCAST INTERVIEW: Cellist/ Vocalist Zosia Jagodzinska (Debut EP Eros and Thanatos Release 21st July)

Zosia Jagodzinska by LondonJazz, Zosia Jagodzinska

London-based cellist/ vocalist /poet Zosia Jagodzinska is the principal cello with Phil Meadows’ Engines Orchestra and Raph Clarkson’s Dissolute Society. Her debut EP “Eros and Thanatos” also featuring percussionist Simon Roth is released on July 21st.

In this interview she talked to Sebastian about her music, and how it was adverse circumstances which first led her to first discover that singing and playing the cello (or piano) simultaneously could work so well, and could produce a more natural way of breathing. Audio production of the interview by Nicholas Heymann.


00:13 – Eros and Thanatos
00:47 – Poetry inspirations
01:06 – Background and education
02:47 – Tato and Babcia
03:44 – Music – Babcia (in memory of Tato and Babcia)
04:27 – Buying Eros and Thanatos
04:53 – The jazz world
05:47 – Singing with the ‘cello
06:40 – Inspirations for singing and playing ‘cello
07:02 – First Breath
07:54 – Music – First Breath

LINKS: Zosia Jagodzinska on Facebook
On Soundcloud
Purchase links for the EP to follow

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