NEWS: Bassist Daniel Casimir wins 2016 Musicians Company Award

Master of the Musicians Company Andrew Morris and Daniel Casimir
Photo credit: Melody McLaren 

The winner of the 2016 Musicians’ Company Young Jazz Musician Competition is bassist Daniel Casimir. This was the second win by a bassist in two years, last year’s winner having been Adam King. The last (and only) guitarist to have won was Colin Oxley in 2001, the last pianist John Escreet in 2004.

The unusual format of the competition is to put together a six-piece band to play standards, and for the audience to choose the winner by secret ballot. The strongest impression was of the unbelievably the high standards and professional energy and adaptability attained by all six participants as they worked together as a band, and yet simultaneously vied for the audience’s attention and/or affection. One stand-out moment was Elliott Sansom‘s  eloquent and beautifully crafted solo on Sam Rivers’ Beatrice, but it was Daniel Casimir who won the audience over last night – and gained their vote by quite a margin – with a great mix of communicativeness, simplicity and sass.

The finalists’ band. L-R: Elliott Sansom, Rob Luft, Daniel Casimir
Leo Richardson, Jackson Mathod, Scott Chapman
Photo credit Melody McLaren

Daniel Casimir. Photo credit: Melody McLaren

LINK: Musicians’ Company Website

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