NEWS: UK debut for Canadian guitarist Galen Weston (Only UK date Vortex Thurs Oct 6th)

Galen Weston Band

Canadian guitarist and his band are busy. They recently did twenty dates opening for the Gipsy Kings at major venues through out the US and Canada in August and September, including a sold out Beacon Theatre New York gig. David Sanborn joined the band at one of the Canadian festivals in July. And they are currently on a tour of major clubs in Europe, such as Sunset Sunside in Paris and the A-Trane in Berlin. Their Vortex date next Thursday represents Weston’s, and the band’s UK debut, and their only appearance in the UK.

His official biography/ supporting text for his most recent album is as follows: “Canadian Galen Weston has been playing guitar for many years but don’t look in back catalogues for his name in the credits. Weston has spent an extended amount of time running the Internet business that he himself established. Now, and at long last, Weston has come to the end of a “two year journey” of preparation and has released his debut album “Plugged In” on the Blujazz label (BJ3430).

“Weston claims inspiration from notable guitarists Eric Johnson, George Benson, Pat Metheny and more but the listener would do well to let comparisons fall by the wayside. Weston has a voice that is truly his own and he speaks through his much-loved guitars with single-minded originality. Weston is too modest in his attributions.

What he calls influences and styles are really his own colors on his sonic palette. He chooses his colorful tones and approaches extremely well and keeps the hues and tones completely original. He cites influences in the liner notes but that should in no way detract from the marvelous musicianship of Weston himself. To concentrate on his inspirations is to miss the inspiration that Weston himself creates.

Accompanied by veteran Toronto session players: David Woodhead on fretless electric bass, Al Cross on drums along with versatile keyboardist Matt Horner, Richard Underhill on alto sax and Rick Lazar on percussion, the guitarist carves out some fresh new territory on this eclectic six-string manifesto. Recorded at his beautifully-crafted, state-of-the-art Rose Room Studio in Toronto, Canada. Galen Weston states that he is “on a mission to catch up with the years I lost in music.” Music has waited patiently for Weston. He is right on time.”
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