CURIOUS TALE: Belgian reality TV show appears to spoof jazz festival by presenting band with non-musicians

Sebastian writes:

The Belgian reality TV show De Idioten sets up challenges for its hosts/ presenters. In this case their guest was musician/ songwriter / Voice judge / former lead singer of Das Pop Bent Van Looy.  He was asked to live out a nightmare in which he finds himself on stage with people who have no clue how to play anything.

The video of their performance is HERE

Van Looy himself can clearly play the drums, having worked as drummer with the band Soulwax. The other two trio members were the hosts of De Idioten Pedro Elias and Sandra Vandeursen.  Elias can play one or two notes on a saxophone, Vandeursen gingerly plucks open strings. They were billed at a Festival (no more information available?) as the band Albtraum (meaning nightmare) 2000.

They do appear to have got away with it…. Here is an article in Dutch explaining what happened.

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