RIP Pinise Saul (1941-2016)

Pinise Saul. Photo credit: Richard Kaby

It is very sad to learn today from Adam Glasser that South African vocalist PINISE SAUL has passed away after an illness.

She sang and recorded in South Africa in the period from 1957 to 1975, and then went into exile. She lived for a time in Boston, appearing with the likes of Bob Marley und Patti LaBelle, and then moved to the UK. Her list of band credits, people she appeared in (or with) is long, impressive, and testament to her unique, charismatic and life-giving on-stage presence: Dudu Pukwana’s Zila; Trevor Watts’ Moire Music;Julian Bahula’s Jabula, Brotherhood of Breath; David Murrays M’Bizo project; World Saxophone Quartet; Township Express; African Jazz Allstars; Township Comets; A longer, fuller, more fitting tribute will follow. In sadness.

LINK: Interview with Pinise Saul from 201

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  1. She led her formidable choirs of eager singers like a Zulu chieftain, exhorting us to “go out there and kick some a$$!”. Tribe of Doris will never be the same again…
    Gone but never forgotten, love forever…

  2. Panise Saul has requested that her body is taken home to South Africa to be laid to rest. We are fundraising to make this possible at Justgiving.com/Crowdfunding/Panise-Saul. Any donation big or small will be very much Appreciated.
    Thank You

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