PODCAST INTERVIEW : Emilia Mårtensson (New ELDA Trio CD)

Emilia Martensson Interview by LondonJazz

In this interview with Sebastian, vocalist Emilia Mårtensson talks about her new ELDA Trio album  (Two Rivers Records) and her work with the other two trio members accordionist Janez Dovč and percussionist Adriano Adewale. 

Topics covered in the Podcast 

0:00 Music Extract: Lobo Guara

0:40 The new album
1:50 – Bringing cultures together telling stories
2:30 Introducing Alexandrinke

3:50 Music Extract: Alexandrinke

5:40 The name of the trio
6:25 The musicians
7: 25 Introducing Lobo Guara

7: 55 Music extract Lobo Guara

8: 45 Plans for the band
9:40 Introducing Stone Agaton

10: 35 Music Extract : Stone Agaton

Audio production by Harry Jones. 

LINKS: ELDA trio website
Review – ELDA trio album launch
Two Rivers Records website

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