PODCAST INTERVIEW: Stan Sulzmann (Kenny Wheeler’s Songs for Quintet)

Stan Sulzmann: Kenny Wheeler’s ‘Songs for Quintet’ by Stan Sulzmann, Kenny Wheeler, LondonJazz

“You look after the people you love.” In this podcast interview saxophonist Stan Sulzmann explains the circumstances surrounding the recording of “Songs for Quintet” on ECM, by the regular London-based group which strived to ensure that Kenny Wheeler continued to have regular opportunities to play during his final years: Stan Sulzmann, John Parricelli, Chris Laurence and Martin France. The album was recorded at Abbey Road in December 2013, the engineers were Andrew Dudman and Tony Hulbert. It was mixed a few months later, and released in January 2015. Producers were Manfred Eicher and Steve Lake.  Kenny Wheeler died on September 30th 2014. Audio production of this podcast by Nicholas Heymann.

00:16 – Music – Pretty Little Waltz
01:02 – How the album came about
04:25 – Tunes played on the album
05:32 – Music – Jigsaw
06:23 – Looking after Kenny
07:06 – Background to Sly Eyes
08:38 – Music – Sly Eyes
09:53 – Evolution of Old Town
10:22 – Music – Old Town
11:20 – How Stan originally got to know Kenny Wheeler
13:40 – Kenny’s genius
14:35 – Name of the tune –  Seventy-Six
15:01 – Music – Seventy-Six

LINK: Review of the album by Jon Kelman

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