PREVIEW: Barry Green’s TBA Sextet (Recording Live Album at Pizza Express , Mon 9th Jan)

Three members of Barry Green’s TBA Sextet:
Sam Braysher (L), Flo Moore (Centre), Miguel Gorodi (R)

Sebastian writes:

Next Monday January 9th at  Pizza Express Dean Street Jazz Club in Soho. listeners can witness a decisive moment in the life of a band. Pianist Barry Green‘s “TBA Sextet” has been performing for a couple of years. Now they are taking the plunge and recording a live album.

Barry Green, in his late thirties, formed this sextet of much younger players from among the people he has either taught or known from other playing contexts for quite some time. He has known both bassist Flo Moore and trumpeter Miguel Gorodi, for example, for most of a decade. Green likes the sense of bringing a first-hand knowledge of the tradition through having played extensively with many of the key British players of the older generation, and as a member of the generation in the middle to bring that experience to guide the younger players. The others in this group are Sam Braysher (alto saxophone) Will Glaser (drums) and Tom Barford (tenor sax)

The band plays tunes by Green, which have been written specifically for the players of the sextet. “I like it when there is nothing too ‘set’, I want them to play, to do what they want to do!” he says enthusiastically.


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