PODCAST INTERVIEW: Stan Sulzmann (Double Exposure duo album with John Taylor – recorded 1990, never previously released)

Stan Sulzmann: Double Exposure by Stan Sulzmann, John Taylor, LondonJazz

“John [Taylor] would like things to be unexpected…quirky. He would see mistakes as opportunities to spark something different. Some of the sounds are intentionally humorous. That’s John. That was his character.” Stan Sulzmann

In this podcast Stan Sulzmann explains the background to a duo album he recorded in 1990 with John Taylor playing not just piano but also – and on several tracks – Roland synthesizer. This was, as Stan explains here, “a side of John Taylor which was later hidden away.”

The album – never previously released –  is due out on January 16th on Inversion Records. Audio production by Nicholas Heymann.

00:30 – Music – Extracts
01:26 – Experimentation with other equipment
02:27 – Lending John Taylor a Roland D50
03:28 – John Taylor, humour and the unexpected
04:13 – Music – Cartoon/Room for Improvement
05:13 – Influences on the album and their music
06:12 – Music – Haari
07:10 – The sound of instruments
07:54 – Alto flute and other wind instruments
08:25 – Music – Spider
09:27 – Clarinet and later narrowing down
10:42 – Music – Straight Man
11:22 – “A side of John Taylor which was later hidden away”
13:06 – The end of the album inviting something more
13:38 – Music – end to Haari

Double Exposure will be available from Jan 16th 2017 from Amazon and Jazzcds.co.uk

LINKS: Double Exposure at JazzCDs
Inversion Records website

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