NEWS: Line-Up for Pizza Express Steinway 2-Piano Festival Announced (March 13-19)

Mike Westbrook

The artists for this year’s Pizza Express Steinway Festival have been announced. 

– The legends are in on Wednesday (Mike Westbrook – above) and Saturday/ Sunday (Bob Dorough). 

– The duo of Nikki Yeoh and Zoe Rahman is a very appealing prospect. 

– There is a Latin night on Friday with Alex Wilson and London-Cuban sensation Eliane Correa. 

– Ian Shaw and Liane Carroll on Tuesday is described in the club’s blurb as “not for the faint-hearted” (what can they mean?) . 

– Monday’s pairing is the regular duo of Stephanie Trick (thank you Wikipedia), ” born 1987 in St. Louis, Missouri and an American stride, ragtime and jazz pianist.” and Paolo Alderighi, born in Milan in 1980 and together they sound and look like THIS. 

– For those of us with short attention spans, the communicative sparks will be flying in both the Aspland / Horler and the Leak/Neame duos on Saturday lunchtime. 

March 13th 
Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi

March 14thIan Shaw & Liane Carroll

March 15thMike Westbrook & Jonathan Gee

March 16thNikki Yeoh & Zoe Rahman

March 17th Alex Wilson & Eliane Correa (two shows)

March 18th (Lunchtime) John Horler & Robin Aspland/Sam Leak & Ivo Neame

March 18th-19thBob Dorough (Two shows each night – Saturday with Simon Wallace and guests, Sunday in a trio with Geoff Gascoyne and Seb de Krom)

LINK: Interview with Bob Dorough 

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