PREVIEW: Beyond Cello Day II (Kings Place, March 12th 10.30am – 8.30pm)

Shirley Smart

Cellist SHIRLEY SMART previews the Beyond Cello Day II (Kings Place, March 12th 10.30am – 8.30pm)

As part of the Kings Place “Cello Unwrapped” Series, and in conjunction with the London Cello Society, Beyond Cello is a full day of workshops, talks and concerts celebrating the development of the cello in a variety of sphere’s outside of its usual classical role. Unlike its smaller relative, the violin, the cello has not established itself widely in jazz and world music traditions in quite same way. I have a theory about this – which is that this is almost entirely down to the fact that the violin is more portable and cheaper. At the same time, there is a growing number of cellists around the world who are slowly but surely creating a new voice for the instrument in a huge variety of ways. The Beyond Cello day is an exploration and celebration of some of the players here in the UK who are part of this development.

Ivan Hussey will be showcasing a new pizzicato technique that he has developed.
– Hannah Marshall is already known on the free jazz scene as a hugely inventive and interesting musician, so we are delighted that she will be giving a workshop and performing.
– Gregor Riddell will be playing with his recently recorded project Birdworld, which is a mixture of acoustic and electronics, with percussion provided by Adam Teixeira.
– Kate Shortt is one of the wackiest, and most versatile cellists in town – and she will be performing extracts from her ridiculously surreal and funny one-woman comedy show.

Each of these performers has a unique voice and direction that they have taken

I will also be performing with my trio – featuring John Crawford on piano and Demi Garcia Sabat on percussion. There are workshops all morning, and then 2 concerts. At 4pm, Ernst Reijseger and myself perform a full concert in Hall 2. At 7pm, there is a cabaret style performance featuring a short set from all of the above artists.

Beyond Cello also continues as a bi-weekly course run by myself on Tuesday evenings.

I do hope some of you will be able to join us in exploring the ever expanding world of the cello!!

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