PODCAST INTERVIEW: Georgia Mancio (new album Songbook, launch at Ronnie Scott’s April 3rd)

Alan Broadbent, Georgia Mancio
Photo credit: Carl Hyde

In this podcast interview, vocalist/ lyricist GEORGIA MANCIO explains the background to her new album Songbook, consisting of songs co-written with ALAN BROADBENT. Launch will be at Ronnie Scott’s on 3rd April, and at the Gateshead Festival on April 2nd. Interviewer is Sebastian

Georgia Mancio Interview by LondonJazz

Opening music – from The Journey Home
1: 13 Who is Alan Broadbent?
2: 19 A vision to have lyrics to his music
2:29 “How did you first get to know him?”
3:28 What was the first song you wrote lyrics to?
4:30 Intro to the Last Goodbye
4:42 Music: The Last Goodbye
5:42 The background to the Last Goodbye and how the idea of a collection / album evolved
8:05 Nostalgia and being connected to the time you live in
“songs which can sit in any era”
9: 30 Shared responsibility, the idea of a team, the quartet
involved and producer Andy Cleyndert
11:27 Background to “This one’s for Bud” – and the influence of Jon Hendricks
12:58 Music: This one’s for Bud
14:26 Georgia’s work helping refugees and creating beauty through music
“The duty to counter injustice, art is nourishment.”
17:36 Introducing Lullaby for MM
19:27 Music: Lullaby for MM

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Audio production by Harry Jones (pp)

LINK: Ronnie Scott’s Bookings for April 3rd
Gateshead Bookings for April 2nd

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