PHOTOS: NYJO, NJJO, BuJazzO – Three Nations Under One Groove at Kings Place

David Healey (NYJO) takes a tenor sax solo.

Photographer Kat Pfeiffer was at the Three Nations Under One Groove concert reviewed by Sebastian HERE. Her pictures, in sequence, show first the three orchestras perfoming separately, and then their combining…. 

All photographs are credit and © Kat Pfeiffer Photography

NYJO directed by Mark Armstrong

Martin Fondse presents NJJO

Kika Sprangers, Anna Serierse and Martin Fondse (NJJO)

Jiggs Whigham congratulates the sax section of BuJazzO
Gerben Wasser (NJJO), Ian Cleaver (NJJO), Alistair Duncan (BuJazzO) – three soloists
in Mark Armstrong’s jazz Concerto Grosso ‘The Hunt’ 

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