PREVIEW/VIDEO: Elliot Galvin Trio (Kings Place, 13 April)

Elliot Galvin Trio
Photo credit: Dave Stapleton
Pianist Elliot Galvin introduces his trio gig coming up next week at Kings Place – and he has a video to share.

“We are really looking forward to playing at Kings Place on the 13 April,” says Elliot Galvin. “It will be our only London date this year. It always feels like a bit of a homecoming playing in London and Kings Place is one of my favourite venues to play so I’m pretty excited about it.”

The concert is part of a UK wide tour the trio has been on over the last two months – it finishes with at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival on 29 April. 

“The band has undergone a little change recently with the addition of Corrie Dick on drums. Me and Corrie have a really long musical relationship, having both played together in Laura (Jurd)’s band for the past seven or eight years. “

Dick replaces Simon Roth. The bassist remains Tom McCredie.

“The trio is moving in a new musical direction and I’m currently writing some brand new music which we will be recording for our next album at the end of May. As well as playing music off our last album, Punch, on the 13th we are planning to premiering a couple of brand new pieces off the next album, one of which you can hear a snippet of in the video.

The Elliot Galvin Trio is at Kings Place Hall 2 at 8pm on Thursday 13 April. Tickets : £12.50.

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  1. Perhaps Elliot, Corrie, jasper, and Laura could form a quartet and save the rest of the scene some much needed gig space, call it The Dinosaur Creature Trio. As it is it's very similar sounds and mostly the same personnel in each band ������

  2. Hmmm. There is the not-too-faint smack of resentment in your comment, A Musician, which on reflection you're probably not that proud of, which is why you are hiding behind the generic pseudonym. I do take issue with your statement that Laura Jurd's Dinosaur, Jasper Høiby's Fellow Creatures and the Elliot Galvin Trio all sound the same, which, using my own ears to guide me, is patent nonsense.

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