NEWS: BBC Proms 2017 Programme (with more jazz) released

Dianne Reeves (4th August)
The 2017 Proms prospectus is out today. General booking opens at 9am on Saturday 13th May.

The jazz and jazz-related Proms (more than in recent years…) are:

25th July Prom 15: The ‘Godlike Genius’ of Scott Walker

4th August Prom 27: Ella and Dizzy: A Centenary Tribute

11th August Prom 35 Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!

15th August Prom 41: Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar – Passages

24th August Prom 53: Beneath the Underdog: Charles Mingus Revisited

25th August Prom 55: Classical Music of India and Pakistan

27th August Prom 57: Swing No End – Clare Teal / Guy Barker / Winston Rollins

15th September Prom 65: Stax Records: 50 Years of Soul with Jools Holland

At the press conference today the following themes emerged:

– The organizers are doing a first-time “relaxed” Prom targeted at children and adults with autism, sensory and communication impairments and learning disabilities as well as individuals who are Deaf, hard of hearing, blind and partially sighted (DETAILS)

– Classical music presented in new ways will feature the Aurora Orchestra’s Beethoven Eroica from memory preceded by substantial exegesis, and a “Beyond the Score” session featuring the Halle Orchestra

– New venues are Wilton’s Music Hall and Tate Modern. There will also be an excursion to Hull for Handel’s Water Music

– Programming strands are the anniversaries of the Russian Revolution, the Reformation, the Independence of India and Finland (NB a Finnish Folk Prom) . And the Ella / Dizzy Centenaries.

LINK: Dianne Reeves was interviewed by Alison Bentley in 2015
Full Proms Season to browse

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