PODCAST INTERVIEW: Trombonist Raph Clarkson (Dissolute Society Album Soldiering On – launch at Vortex May 12th)

Raph Clarkson
Photo credit: Jake Walker

In this podcast trombonist RAPH CLARKSON talks about his new album “Soldiering On” (Babel). The launch is this Friday May 12th at the Vortex. Interview by Sebastian. Audio production by Nicholas Heymann. 

Raph Clarkson Interview by LondonJazz


Raph Clarkson’s musical education and the background to Dissolute Society
A poem written to honour of John Taylor….

2: 21 – 3: 13 Music: For JT

Other people on the album – Laura Jurd
Dave Morecroft and World Service Project
The cohort from Alton College , the Chaos Orchestra

5: 28 – 6: 30 Music – Grandma

Remembering Raph’s grandmother Sabine Michael
and Raph’s mother Micaela Comberti
“A completely personal album”

12: 08 – 13: 10 Music – Title track Soldiering On

Talking about Fini Bearman and her freedom in the use of words.
“She represents my inner voice.”

15: 32 Music : Closing

Bookings for the Vortex Album Launch on May 12th with special guests Chris Batchelor and Huw Warren 

Raph Clarkson website

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