PODCAST TRIBUTE: Asaf Sirkis remembers Larry Coryell

Larry Coryell at Whidbey Island, Washington state in 2007
Photo credit: ultomatt / Creative Commons

In this podcast Asaf Sirkis, who worked with guitarist LARRY CORYELL (1943-2017) pays tribute to him. As Asaf says: “That wild exploratory spirit and untamed raw energy were his gift to the world of jazz.” Interview with Sebastian. Audio production by Harry Jones:

Asaf Sirkis Interview by LondonJazz


Introduction Music – Spaces Revisited

How did you first hear and get to know Larry Coryell
Concert by Chick Corea Electric Band in the 1980’s
First meeting at Red Sea Jazz
A call from Gary Husband in London in 2005

4:31 – 6:30 MUSIC: Spaces Revisited from the 1997 album with Richard Bona and Billy Cobham

Asaf’s experience of playing on gigs with Larry Coryell

9:01 – 10:17 MUSIC : Good Citizen Swallow with Paul Wertigo and Marc Egan from the 2014 album Tricycles

The shock of hearing of Larry Coryell’s death
Larry Coryell’s exploratory spirit
“Come play with us.” – A memory of a sound check at Pizza Express Dean Street
“Larry would always bring his acoustic guitar….”

14:30 – 17:20 MUSIC : Bolero

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