George Cables
Photo credit: Terrence Jennings
New York-born GEORGE CABLES is one of the great jazz pianists. A former Jazz Messenger who worked extensively with Dexter Gordon and Art Pepper in their prime, he is still at the top of his game.  After his soundcheck and before playing two sets at the Upstairs Club in Montreal during the 2017 Jazz Festival, Sebastian asked him to talk through his four most recent albums. His thoughtful nature, his good humour and a generous and optimistic spirit all shine through instantly in this short interview. Audio production by Harry Jones:

George Cables Interview by LondonJazz

0:00 Opening music: Happiness from the album Icons and Influences (2014)

My Muse was dedicated to George Cables’ late partner Helen Wray.

2: 24 Music: My Old Flame from the album My Muse (2012)

Happiness was the first song that George Cables wrote. It describes “the idealistic positive young man that I was,” and has reminders of his mother’s nature: “ready to see what each new day holds.”

5: 38 Music:  Happiness from the album Icons and Influences (2014)

Mr Anonymouse was an unexpected room-mate in a cheap hotel room in Chicago. “He escaped before I could get his name.”

10: 57 Music: Mr Anonymouse from the album In Good Company (2015)

One of Helen Wray’s sisters is called Ann Marie, who is always known as Reggie. “She’s a great young woman with a great sense of humour.” 

15: 06 Music AKA Reggie from the album George Cables Songbook (2016)

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