PODCAST INTERVIEW: Canadian Vocalist Sienna Dahlen

Sienna Dahlen
Photo credit Roy Tony Revoy

This podcast interview with a key figures on the Canadian jazz scene, vocalist SIENNA DAHLEN, is a follow-on from our interview from 2016, which has become our most listened-to interview (link below). In this podcast we traverse through several different aspects of her varied work: first as a singer-songwriter with her own project Ice Age Paradise; then her methods as songwriter; then as educator (she teaches at McGill in Montreal); then as featured vocalist in a new major work by Christine Jensen for jazz orchestra, Under the Influence, a commission from the Orchestre National de Jazz de Montreal; and finally as an artist finding a balance – notably her house/artists’ retreat in the idyllic Laurentides. Interview by Sebastian at McGill in Montreal, July 2017. Audio production by Harry Jones. 

Sienna Dahlen Interview by LondonJazz


– Sienna Dahlen talks about live performances of Ice Age Paradise

[2: 40] MUSIC: Drifting Daydream from Ice Age Paradise

– Andrew Downing
– “Are Montreal and Toronto audiences different?”
– Songwriting method – “First the words or – first the music?”

[9: 26] MUSIC Your Eyes from Ice Age Paradise

– “Does the experience of teaching have an influence on your own practice?”

[13:33]  MUSIC – Bridge section of Your Eyes

– Christine Jensen’s Under the Influence

[17:56] MUSIC Star Bright from Under the Influence

– The countryside and the city
– Other projects- an artistic house

[22:46] MUSIC Parc La Fontaine from Notes from Montreal

LINKS: Our popular 2016 interview with Sienna Dahlen
Sienna Dahlen’s website

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