PREVIEW: Peter Wiegold (Expect the Unexpected – Club Inégales at the EFG London Jazz Festival)

Peter Wiegold
Photo credit: Brunel University

PETER WIEGOLD of Club Inégales explains that it was when sitting with John Cumming, Director of the Festival a few months ago and discussing how Club Inégales might celebrate the 25th anniversary of the London Jazz Festival and the answer emerged: 25 new ‘one-page’ scores. He writes:

Club Inégales, at our home at Euston, always prides itself on bringing in guests from all backgrounds who write for, and play with, our resident band Notes Inégales. Some 80 gigs in 6 years with musicians from all round the world.

So, in that spirit, we’ve managed to persuade an amazing array of British jazz talent to join us in two marathons, 4pm – 9pm on sundays 12th and 19th.

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This week we are joined by Raymond MacDonald (sax), Kim Macari (trumpet), Heidi Heidelberg (voice), Mauricio Velasierra (flute), Cath Roberts (sax), Kuljit Bhamra (tabla) Rob Luft (guitar), Ant Law (guitar), Anton Hunter (guitar), Olie Brice (bass) who all roll in, one by one, to join us in playing their own new scores.

It’s been a pleasure and an honour to have conversations with such a rich diverse set of jazz musicians, and the great thing is, they are all up for staying on and playing in one another’s pieces, so this is going to accumulate through the afternoon/evening into an amazing – and celebratory – big band!

On the 19th we have Byron Wallen (trumpet), Jaak Sooaar (guitar), Alex Hawkins (piano), Chris Sharkey (guitar), Alice Zawadzki (voice/violin), Matthew Bourne, (piano), Mark Sanders, (drums) Orphy Robinson (steel pans) Pat Thomas (keys) and James Mainwaring (sax).

And we’ll have further new scores by Hermeto Pascoal (Hermetoids), Alex Roth, Helen Papaioannou, Corrie Dick to realise. Everyone has to condense their ideas to just one page.

We called this season, ‘Off the Page’ and these pieces should certainly fly. And invite the ever fascinating question, what works to voice and give character to a piece – and also stimulates and frees creative players. We’ll have chords, lines, graphics, textures, words pictures all going into the crucible – guided on the hoof with a bit of conduction’ from me.

No rehearsal, just go for it, and the audience can see the pieces on the screens, following the process with 12 pieces in 2 2-hour slots. With our Indian caterers Taste of India offering their delicious food in between.

4pm-9pm next two sundays. Do join us to witness these one-off special events.

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AND: Prior to this on Friday 10th we are joining the fine jazz musicians Kim Macari and Raymond MacDonald at the Royal Academy Jasper Johns exhibition for Visualising music: the art of the graphic score 6:30 – 7:45. CI will perform and discuss new graphic scores and the art of realising them.

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