NEWS: Winners at the British Jazz Awards Announced

The Results of the British Jazz Awards have just been announced on the Awards’ FACEBOOK PAGE

Congratulations to winners: 

Freddie Gavita (trumpet)
Mark Nightingale (trombone) 
Alan Barnes (clarinet)
Soweto Kinch (alto sax) 
Karen Sharp (tenor sax)  
Nikki Iles (piano)  
Martin Taylor (guitar)
Alec Dankworth (double bass)
Clark Tracey (drums)
Ross Stanley (Organ – miscellaneous instrument)
Clare Teal (vocals) 
Rory Ingham (Trombone – Rising Star)
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (Big Band)
Nigel Price Organ Trio (small group)
Woodville Records: (“The Lowest Common Denominator” – Gilad Atzmon/Alan Barnes – new album)
Lake Records: “Dusts off the Archives” – Humphrey Lyttelton (reissue album) 
Chris Barber (Services To British Jazz)

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