IN MEMORY: Jon Hendricks remembered in his own lyrics

The lyrics which Jon Hendricks himself wrote in 1990 for Bruno Martino’s song Estate express the sense of loss felt widely in the jazz community at the moment for Hendricks himself. With thanks to Georgia Mancio and Nigel Price who made the connection.

In summmer I miss you more than any other season,
My heart has lost all thought of rhyme or reason.
Without you it’s like winter in my heart.

In Summer the memory of things we did together
Are stronger than the trials we had to weather.
I can’t believe that you and I would part.

It’s the end of life’s daydream,
Like plucking all the petals from the roses,
Like bearing all the secrets love discloses,
Like stopping songs of birds before they start.

In summer when once again I feel the old desire,
As you return to set my soul afire,
Without you its like winter in my heart.

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