PODCAST INTERVIEW: Rob Cope (first anniversary of The Jazz Podcast)

Rob Cope

ROB COPE and Dan Farrant issued the first episode of The Jazz Podcast in early February 2017. In this interview with Sebastian, Rob Cope tells his own story and talks about some of the highlights and lessons from a first year of podcasting.

Rob Cope Interview by LondonJazz


OPENING MUSIC: Extract from the title track of Ruby and All Things Purple / Andy Scott

0:37 – 9:22  Rob Cope’s musical background

9:22 MUSIC: Little Glass Box from Ruby and All Things Purple / Andy Scott

11:20 – 16: 13  Why The Jazz Podcast started….The episode with Loz Garratt

16:13 MUSIC:  Extract from  Everybody wants to be a cat –  Jamie Cullum

17:50 – 21:36 Discourse around music – “If you give the audience the chance to know your personality they will be much more accepting of your music”….Album previews.

21:36 MUSIC:  ‘Deed I Do – Raph Clarkson – The Old Bone Band

22:39- 25:19  Rob Luft ….Big Bad Wolf

25:19  CLOSING MUSIC:  Flats in Dagenham – Big Bad Wolf


LINK: The Jazz Podcast on Buzzsprout

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