NEWS: "Love & Protest is the last album to be released on Two Rivers Records"

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Peter Bacon reports:

Founder of Two Rivers Records, Alya Al-Sultani, has announced on Facebook the cessation of new releases on the label, the aim being to concentrate on her own creative activity.

She writes: “Collective X’s Love & Protest is the last album to be released on Two Rivers Records.

“I feel that four years and 25 (mostly debut) releases later, I have done my bit and now need to fully focus on myself as an artist and producer.

“I love running labels but also love producing and so I will be focussing on Black Wave and SLSA where I can do both. I am blessed with ears and I want to use them for more than deciding whether or not to release a mastered record. The process matters to me as much as the outcome.

“The label model I always wanted to develop was one where the label takes a leading role in artist development, nurtures a collective mentality and shares opportunities. The set up of Two Rivers Records did not allow this and it became too similar to other independent jazz labels who do a great job and I don’t want to crowd an already under-pressure market.

“The TRR bandcamp will stay exactly where it is and we will continue to communicate regularly with our wonderful supporters. The legal entity also remains so artists are unaffected from this point of view and publishing efforts continue.

“I’ve been happy to see artists who released debuts with TRR flourish and take their careers forward. I’ve learnt a lot about the music industry and I am taking these lessons forward into Black Wave and SLSA with a fantastic team.

“Yes, I still love jazz in all its many forms. But I’ll be focussing on doing it, rather than releasing it.”

The label had released a wide stylistic range of music from artists including Fini Bearman, Alex Bonney, Darwish, Snowpoet, Calum Gourlay, Emilia Martensson and Nuvorrian. All albums will still be available on the Two Rivers Records bandcamp page.

LINK TO ALL TRR ALBUMS: Two Rivers Records Bandcamp

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