NEWS: Keith Tippett recovering from Heart Attack (Two Ways to Support Him)

Keith Tippett acknowledging applause at the
2015 Berlin Jazz Festival

Friends of Keith Tippett are rallying round after a heart attack and complications… 

–  Hazel Miller writes 

Dear Ogun Friends around the world, I am pleased to say our friend, Keith Tippett has survived another heart attack and pneumonia but is now able to return home. His recovery however will mean that we shall be deprived of his wonderful music for at least another few months as he will not be able to work.
Ogun records, to which Keith has contributed so much over the past decades has started a rescue fund to help the Tippett family over this difficult period.

Any contributions will be gratefully accepted and can be sent to: the Ogun PayPal a/c using the ogun email address: ogunrecords@googlemail.com. 

I will ensure that it will be forwarded to Keith as soon as possible, Many thanks for your help and consideration.

o – o – o – o

– Martin Archer who runs Discus Music has written:

I’ve just come off the phone from speaking to Keith Tippett. As you have probably seen elsewhere, Keith recently suffered a heart attack followed by some nasty complications He’s back home and recovering, but it will take time. You’ve probably also seen online that Keith’s friends Hazel Miller (Ogun) and Riccardo Bergerone wish to show their support for Keith via fundraising, which is fantastic news.

With Keith’s specific permission I’m adding Discus Music’s support to this initiative. Keith’s latest Octet release, “The Nine Dances Of Patrick O’Gonogon” has now covered all of its costs – which means that 100% of any sales will benefit Keith directly and regularly. A great way of showing your appreciation and solidarity with this major composer/improviser would be to support him by buying his CDs.

Nine Dances is available on CD/DL direct from me at Discus Music

MARK THE DATE: John Etheridge is organizing a benefit gig  at the Vortex on 30 June We are awaiting further details.

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