NEWS: Turner Sims Southampton reveals its Autumn/Winter 2018 programme

Rymden. L-R:Dan Berglund, Bugge Wesseltoft, Magnus Öström
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Turner Sims Southampton’s programme for the latter part of the year has Peter Bacon planning his route south:

If you’re looking for an exciting programme of European jazz with some UK artists and some from further afield without venturing into central London, the South Coast would seem to be the place to head for. Turner Sims, the concert hall with fine acoustics that is part of the University of Southampton, has some choice Scandinavian, German and Swiss visitors headlining its Autumn programme.

Likely to draw the most attention is the new supergroup piano trio Rymden (Friday 23 November), which brings together the creator of the New Conception of Jazz, keyboardist Bugge Wesseltoft with Magnus Öström and Dan Berglund, formerly, with Esbjörn Svensson, the much celebrated, and much missed, e.s.t. Also from Scandinavia is the 15-piece Kathrine Windfeld Big Band which opens the Autumn jazz programme (Wednesday 19 September), and Turner Sims favourites Tord Gustavsen Trio (Friday 2 November).

From Germany comes the Julia Hülsmann Trio (Friday 5 October), and from Switzerland Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin (Friday 9 November). Both are first-time visitors to Turner Sims.

The home team includes Laura Jurd’s Dinosaur (Friday 12 October), and a double bill of saxophonist Tom Barford and guitarist Rob Luft (Saturday 26 January). These concerts are collaborations between Turner Sims and its “associate label”, Edition Records. Also from the UK is the Buck Clayton Legacy Band (which has broadcaster Alyn Shipton on bass) with vocalist Julia Biel (Friday 19 October) – they are doing a programme celebrating the partnership between Buck Clayton and Billie Holiday.

From further afield are Mexican pianist Alex Mercado (Friday 26 October), making his UK debut, and, in the new year, from the U.S. (via Paris) comes singer China Moses (Saturday 12 January).

LINK: What’s On at Turner Sims Southampton

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