PREVIEW: Jazz Cubano (23 November, Barbican, 2018 EFG LJF)

Pianist Alfredo Rodriguez
Publicity Photo by Anna Webber

Latin jazz specialist, French journalist Yannick Le Maintec of Le Monde, tells us that he will be making a special trip to London for just one show in this year’s EFG London Jazz Festival. He explains his strong imperative for him to be here for Jazz Cubano:

On Friday 23 November, 2018 the EFG London Jazz Festival is offering a triple show, Jazz Cubano, three opportunities to discover the vivacity of Cuban jazz.

Let’s face it. Comfortably settled in its tradition, Latin jazz, like its jazz cousin, can sometimes be lazy. But isn’t innovation part of its DNA? Weren’t Dizzy Gillespie, Mario Bauza and Chico O’Farrill innovators?

When it came to making the choice between tradition and invention, Arturo O’Farrill (performing at the Barbican with his sextet) chose not to make a decision. Every Sunday at Birdland, he celebrates the work of his father Chico. His own recordings are formidable inventions. (website)

You never know what to expect from an Alfredo Rodriguez album. The Little Dream is no exception to this rule. Even the Besame Mucho, which has been sung into the ground, is getting a new lease on life. (website)

They were meant to meet. Two kindred spirits, Omar Sosa and Yilian Cañizares, the pianist and the violinist. Aguas, the result – almost mystical – of their musical union is an object of infinite beauty. (Facebook)

One violinist, three pianists, as many degrees of creativity. This is what we expect from this Cubano Jazz! scheduled for 23 November on the Barbican Hall stage. Expressing your creativity on stage, isn’t that what jazz is all about?

Yannick Le Maintec’s original French text:

Vendredi 23 novembre 2018, le London Jazz Festival propose un triple show, Jazz Cubano !, trois occasions de découvrir la vivacité du jazz cubain.

Reconnaissons-le. Confortablement installé dans sa tradition, le latin jazz, à l’instar de son cousin jazz, se fait parfois paresseux. L’innovation ne fait-elle pas partie de son ADN ? Dizzy Gillespie, Mario Bauza, Chico O’Farrill n’étaient-ils pas des inventeurs ?

Entre tradition et invention, Arturo O’Farrill a choisi de ne pas choisir. Chaque dimanche au Birdland, il célèbre l’oeuvre de son père Chico. Ses propres enregistrements sont redoutables d’invention.

Vous ne savez jamais ce qui vous attend dans un album d’Alfredo Rodriguez. « The Little Dream » ne déroge pas à la règle. Même l’usé Besame Mucho retrouve une nouvelle jeunesse.

Ils étaient faits pour se rencontrer. Deux âmes sœurs, Omar Sosa et Yilian Cañizares, le pianiste et la violoniste. « Aguas », le résultat -quasi-mystique- de leur union musicale est un objet d’une infinie beauté.

Une violoniste, trois pianistes, autant de degrés de créativité. Voilà ce qu’on attend de ce Jazz Cubano ! programmé le 23 novembre sur la scène du Barbican Center. Exprimer sur la scène sa créativité, n’est-ce pas le propre du jazz ?

LINK: Barbican bookings for 23 November

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