PREVIEW: Noel Langley’s Eventide Ensemble at the Vortex (22 November / 2018 EFG LJF)

Noel Langley
Publicity photo from Eclipse trumpets

Sebastian writes:  Noel Langley has been in touch to explain the background behind a very rare appearance by his Edentide Ensemble at the Vortex this Thursday 22 November – see also links to our previous coverage of this project:

Noel Langley: “After a couple of years of intensive work behind the scenes supporting Yazz in her various endeavours I’m stepping into the limelight again. Next week sees the third outing for my Edentide Ensemble, but this time I’ve expanded the six-piece chamber version into a fourteen piece mini orchestra.

Still slightly less than the twenty-one people on the record but I’m getting there slowly and it’s going to be amazing to present this music in a way that more accurately reflects my original concept.

This will actually be the first time that any of these arrangements have been performed live, as even the album versions were assembled by overdubbing.

As well as the music from Edentide I’ll be playing new arrangements of tunes by Weather Report, Graham Fitkin, Kenny Wheeler and Edward Elgar.

And the line up is:

Noel Langley – trumpet, flugelhorn and various precision items (some of which were donated by Hermeto Pascoal no less)
Alcyona Mick – piano
Chris Allard – guitar
Charlie Pyne – double bass and vocals
Will Glaser – drums
Clara Hyder – harp, trumpet & flugelhorn
Tori Freestone – flute, alto flute & soprano saxophone
Kate Robertson – flute, alto flute & piccolo
Duncan Lamont Jr. – bass clarinet, clarinet & baritone saxophone
Lance Kelly – trumpet, flugelhorn & piccolo trumpet
Adam Chatterton – trumpet & flugelhorn
Dave Lee – French horn
Trevor Mires – trombone & bass trumpet
Andy Lester – bass trombone & tuba. “


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