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CD REVIEW: Hanna Paulsberg Concept – Daughter of the Sun

Hanna Paulsberg Concept + Magnus Broo  Daughter of the Sun
(OdinCD9665. CD review by Mike Collins)

Daughter of the Sun is Norwegian tenor player Hanna Paulsberg’s fourth release with her Concept band and it’s a strong statement, freighted with emotion and propulsive energy borne along by a strong group feeling.

For this release the band are augmented by Swedish trumpeter Magnus Broo who fits in seamlessly with the core quartet of Paulsberg, Trygve Fiske on bass, Hans Hulbækmo, drums and Oscar Grönberg, piano. Paulsberg determinedly draws inspiration from beyond Nordic horizons, and the music is rooted in soulful, open-minded jazz, with a loosely bound feel to pieces penned mainly by Paulsberg, as the sense of a shared, tumbling pulse bundles them along.

Scent of the Soil starts the set, quietly cycling piano chords underpin a hummed chant, exploratory flurries form the bass, slaps of a tenor reed and breathy phrases until Broo’s trumpet leads them to a clattering climax. Little Big Saxophone launches with a skittering fractured bustle from the rhythm section and percussive clusters from the piano, Broo slaloming through it, with squeaks and runs before a driving riff settles and Paulsberg slides and squalls. Hermulen Tar Ferie has at it’s a heart, a shuffling, dance like pulse which accumulates an irresistible momentum as Paulsberg swoops and spins out melodic patterns before Grönberg takes it on with angular, darting lines. It’s all bookended by abstract group interaction. Serianna, penned by Fiske, rolls along with a rocking vibe, nodding at more hymn-like harmonies, and evoking direct and passionate soloing. Daughter of the Sun’s slower moving melodic lines unfold over a bristling, swinging pulse from the cymbals and throbbing chords from bass, whilst trumpet and tenor exchange phrases, twisting around each other.

This is a thoroughly engaging set. There’s a vivid impression of a live performance with the band confident in each other, listening, letting ideas and atmospheres unfold, the outlines of the script provided by Paulsberg providing the platform for forceful playing all round.

Mike Collins is a pianist and writer based in Bath, who runs the jazzyblogman site. Twitter @jazzyblogman

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