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Fazer – Nadi

Fazer – Nadi

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(Squama SQ001. CD review by Tony Dudley-Evans

Fazer are a young German group from Munich who all studied together at the Academy for Music and Performing Arts in that city. Their latest album was, however, recorded in London by Ben Lamdin of Nostalgia 77.

The CD has eight tracks all relatively short at around four to five minutes long and just the one longer track at slightly over nine minutes. They are listed as A1 to 4 and B1 to 4, so I assume it is also coming out on vinyl.

The music is led by the two drummers, Simon Popp and Sebastian Wolfgruber, who create a strong and regular rhythmic pulse that links in very effectively with the electric bass of Martin Brugger.  The rhythms are gentle rather than forceful, and have a very engaging feel that reminds me of African drumming. Over these rhythms trumpeter Matthias Lindermayr and guitarist Paul Brändle develop nicely melodic lines. Each track is quite similar with Lindermayr mostly taking the solos; one track, Twin Drum, is a feature for the two drummers and this also has a strong African feel.

The compositions are also very melodic and there is an overall cohesion to the music. However, it strikes me as all being a little safe. I do think, nonetheless, that the music will go down well with the new young audiences in UK cities who follow the likes of Nubya Garcia, Joe Armon-Jones and others.

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