New Documentary, Ronnie’s – and info request

On Frith Street Photo supplied by Eric Woollard-White
Sebastian writes: NEW DOCUMENTARY A new documentary feature film is being made to mark the 60th anniversary of Ronnie Scott’s, and will explain and illustrate its “global musical legacy”. The current working title is Ronnie’s. According to the press release “it is being made by UK-based film finance and production company, Goldfinch. Kew Media Distribution will be representing the film for worldwide distribution within its slate at the Cannes Film Festival (14 May to 25 May 2019), working towards a theatrical release in early 2020. “Filmmaker Oliver Murray is attached to write and direct. Eric Woollard-White  is producing for Goldfinch, while James R.M. Hunt is on board as Archive Producer and Paul Trewartha as Editor.” (Quote from press release ends) REQUEST FOR INFORMATION AND MATERIALS Eric Woollard-White has written to LJN as follows: “We are still on the look out for any previously unseen film, photos or other bits of interesting archive (we recently discovered some old menus and some press cuttings we had not seen before for example) that might be interesting enough to include in this documentary.” Eric can be reached directly at: eww (at) oldfinchstudios (dot) co (dot) uk LINK: More of the Press Release was covered in this Variety story

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