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Sebastian writes:

You will notice a change. LondonJazz News has the same address and, we hope, the same ethos, but has moved template. The change has been implemented with valuable help from Richard Bateman and Tom McAdam, to whom thanks are due. We hope you like what you see, but welcome constructive feedback. And talking of feedback, we were recently pleased to receive this plaudit from someone we respect a lot: “I’ve always thought of LondonJazz News as the model of what a music website should be. It has all the right information without any of the usual guff. What I most look forward to are the Wednesday Morning Headlines and its ‘Read Elsewhere’ links, a wonderful weekly array of jokes, thoughts and information which I would never otherwise see and which have been a vital research resource in writing our history of live music in Britain. (Volume 2 is just out!) – Simon Frith, Emeritus Professor of Music, University of Edinburgh and Chair of Judges of the Mercury Prize (1992-2016) Thanks to all our contributors and readers for your support and loyalty over ten years. From the team, Sebastian Scotney, Peter Bacon, Romy Summers, Rob Edgar, and Catherine Ford

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  1. Each article is nicely set out when you click on it, but the front page looks very tightly packed to me and therefore rather jumbled and it’s not so intuitive to pick out individual headings – this is in Chrome at 1920 x 1080. At that resolution on a wide-screen monitor the margins are totally wasted as well as rather glaring in white (with optimum contrast etc settings for other things). Also, I used to like having secondary items like the venue listing in the margin so it could be easily accessed.

    I can see why you’ve set it up as you have, every website seems to be going the same way, including the BBC and the Met Office among others that I regularly visit, but I’m not sure that it represents a real improvement on a layout that was already fully functional and easy to navigate.

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