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Photo shoot by Monika Jakubowska – prize draw details

Sebastian writes:

Monika S Jakubowska (Photo © Monika S Jakubowska)

Photographer Monika S. Jakubowska, originally from Suwalki in North-Eastern Poland, has lived and in the UK since and worked as a photographer and designer since 2006. She works regularly with Michael Janisch’s Whirlwind Recordings label, and in the past few months has also photographed or worked with the all of the following:

Vula Viel, Laura Mvula, Fred Thomas, Alice Zawadzki, Laura Jurd, Jacob Collier, Suzie Collier, Seamus Blake, Billl Laurence, Julian Siegel, Anton Eger, Wojtek Mazolewski, Alex Munk, Jazz Herstory, London Catalan Festival, Made in UK, the Idler Magazine, Ubuntu Management.

In April 2017 Monika offered a photo shoot as a prize draw in the Wednesday LondonJazz Newsletter and is offering to do it again. It was the second most popular we have ever run. We ran this feature about her, which included these quotes from Alice Zawadzki and Shez Raja:

“For her, taking pictures seems natural as breathing, She takes photos most days. It is something she has to do .” (Alice Zawadzki)

“Monika has taken some incredible photos at my live shows. She has an amazing talent for capturing the atmosphere, energy and human emotion in her images. I call her ‘the photo ninja’ because I rarely actually see her taking the photos whilst I’m playing!” (Shez Raja)

What is on offer:

As Monika explains:

“The reason I’m doing this is to promote kindness and support to jazz world, to beautiful and brave young souls who decide to follow their dreams, but it sounds tacky… I really really like helping, especially young people and women in jazz.”

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