Retirement of Chris Barber Announced

The retirement of trombonist and bandleader Chris Barber has been announced. The announcement was made on the BBC Radio 3 Jazz Now show on 12 August and in two statements on the Chris Barber website (link below).

Chris Barber (Publicity photo supplied)

“Trombonist/bandleader Chris Barber has announced his permanent retirement from full-time music after leading his internationally popular band since 1954.”  The concert at Cadogan Hall scheduled for 13 September is going ahead, and the statement says: “In order to celebrate the Chris Barber Band music and Chris himself and the many great artists that performed with him, we have dedicated the concert at Cadogan Hall on Friday 13 September 2019, 7:30 pm to the great Legacy of Chris Barber and his music.” LINKS: The full statements from The Last Music Company and Wigt International Peter Vacher’s preview of the Cadogan Hall concert which was written prior to the retirement announcement  

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  1. Wanted to buy a Chris Barber DVD for Dads best friend who has Alzheimer’s but its must have his favourite song icecream but must be a DVD not a CD .please can anyone know which DVD what title DVD to get 😍thanks for your help xx

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