Percy Pursglove joins NDR Big Band

NDR in Hamburg have announced in a press release that Percy Pursglove has become a member of the NDR Big Band, one of the three such entities in Germany with salaried posts. His tenure became effective from Monday 16 March.  Among the German radio bands, the NDR band has always had the identifying feature of being a “band of soloists.” Its British connections are strong, with Steve Gray, Colin Towns and Mihael Gibbs having all done many projects with the band.    

Percy Pursglove

The press release states: “In addition to his superb playing, he brings with him a broad range of musical experience – as a multi-instrumentalist, composer and musicologist. He is currently writing a doctoral thesis on composition using extended notation systems.” Fellow trumpeter Ingolf Burkhardt, a 30-year stalwart with the band is quoted as follows: “He brings some fantastic qualities to the band. His musicality is incredible,  and his way of playing with huge leaps, and up in the high registers is easily recognizable, you can hear immediately that it’s him. Plus, in addition to the trumpet, he also plays an excellent double bass, and writes and arranges – a fantastic musician.” Pursglove is replacing Reiner Winterschladen, who took retirement last year. There were more than 100 applicants for the post. Pursglove is quoted in the press release: “Jobs like this are very rare indeed – this was an opportunity not to be missed. The band’s broad repertoire is extremely appealing. Plus the great musicians, all of whom contribute in their own way to this unique band sound – I’m incredibly excited to be a part of it.”  This is Sebastian’s abridged translation of the original German press release HERE    

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