Chris Biscoe launches two new albums “Wobbly Rail 5” + “Unforseen” on Bandcamp, with 50% to charities

Saxophonist Chris Biscoe has just made two recordings newly available on Bandcamp, by the Wobbly Rail 5 and the John Pope/Chris Biscoe Duo.

Chris Biscoe. Photo credit Peter Symes

50% of receipts from both will go to Refuge and Medecins sans Frontieres.

The Wobbly Rail 5 features Chris Biscoe, Pete Hurt, Liam Noble, Steve Watts and Jon Scott.

Recorded and mixed by Andy Cleyndert, it includes compositions by Chris, Pete, Liam and Thelonious Monk.

Produced for download by Chris Topley, the Wobbly Rail image is an original painting by Kate Westbrook, available as a free high-res download.


Wobbly Rail’s nominated charity is Refuge Against Domestic Violence.

The link to Bandcamp is


Unforseen is a recording of duo improvisations by bassist John Pope and Chris Biscoe made in concert at Area Sismica, Forli, Italy. Based in Newcastle, John is a member of Cartoon, with Chris Biscoe and Roger Turner. He plays in Archipelago, has worked with Joe McPhee and Evan Parker, and leads his own quintet.

Nominated charity Medecins sans Frontieres UK 


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