Peter King’s Funeral – now available to watch

Peter King’s funeral at Putney Vale Crematorium on 30 September 2020 was filmed and livestreamed and is now available to watch.
Spike Wells officiated – thoughtfully, sensitively, touchingly. There were tributes from: Dan and Matt (Linda’s grandsons) Henry Lowther Julian Joseph Peter Watts Steve Rubie There was a recording of Peter King reading his poem “Parker’s Dream” And playing “Yesterdays” unaccompanied. We can only echo Spike Wells’ concluding remark, in sadness: “Thank you Peter for everything you have given us. Rest in Peace. And God Bless”

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  1. Peter, a truly world class musician; you have left us wonderful memories and music for us to treasure forever. RIP

  2. I’ve always thought that Peter King was an unsung national hero of the jazz world. He will go down in history as one of the world greats. His playing was always superlative and his compositions consummate. I for one will very much miss him.

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