Cambridge Jazz Festival 2020 has ended (Videos of Festival Online / Paintings/ Director’s Comments)

The 2020 Cambridge Jazz Festival had its closing events earlier this evening, 29 November. But there is a substantial selection available online on the festival’s YouTube channel until 5 January 2021, except one. There are also Gina Southgate paintings from the festival on sale (link below)

Landing page for the CJF YouTube channel (screenshot)


Brass Funkeys

Big Band Bonanza

Native Dancer

BBC Intoducing: SAFFRA, RFS Trio, Lepage Dean Band

Soft Machine (Screenshot)

Soft Machine

Ian Shaw (available until 21 December)

Tim Boniface

Talk by Sandy Burnett about New Orleans Jazz

Alice Zawadzki, Rob Luft, Amika String Quartet (new commissions)

Oscar, Ferris, Stevenson Trio and Lepage Dean Band

Sam Leak Trio

Ros Russell comments on the 2020 Festival

“It’s been a hard and challenging year but we weren’t daunted by this. We’ve embraced the digital world and turned all these challenges into something positive. It’s been so exciting and rewarding to see it all finally take shape and to see views from all over the UK and the world! Huge heart-felt thanks to everyone who took part and supported us: all the musicians, sound, film, video, streaming engineers and to all our friends, supporters, volunteers, sponsors and partners. This has been a huge team effort and a very memorable one too.”

LINKS: Gina Southgate paintings

Support the Cambridge Jazz Festival

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