Gary Crosby talks about Mingus’ ‘The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady’

The “Classic Album Sundays” series presented “My Classic Album: Gary Crosby OBE on Charles Mingus’ The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady“, an interview with Tina Edwards:

Gary Crosby (screenshot)

My Classic Album: Gary Crosby OBE on Charles Mingus ‘The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady’

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A few extracts from the interview:

– One of Gary Crosby’s top three albums… along with Kind of Blue and Love Supreme.

– “One of the albums that helped me through a tough period.”

– “Artistically I didn’t get to understand it till I worked on it with Peter Edwards in 2012. Peter whittled it down to the important groove ”

– “The book ‘Beneath The Underdog’ had given me an insight into his world. He touches on everything, goes everywhere.”

– Work with a psychologist revealed Mingus’ genius

– “The fight in him – right up to his death”

– “My love for Mingus is connected also with my love for Ellington”

– Coleridge Goode at 102 years old: “Everything has to be INSTANT!”

– “The good nights are: you’re in slow motion, you’ve got time to hear.”

– “I love the people in jazz…

– “Jazz and art are the only things that will save mankind from destruction, tame the beast in man. We’ve tried everything else and it ain’t worked.”

– “The people that play this music generally work hard…”

– Mingus’ physical feats as bass player.

– “The majority of people listening to jazz are not conformists. We love the misunderstood geniuses.”


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