Virginia MacDonald (Canada), Ewan Bleach (UK), Joaquin Sosa (Cuba) winners at International Clarinetist Corona Competition

The International Clarinetist Corona Competition is “a grassroots effort exclusively aimed towards working clarinetists across genres to provide hope and encouragement in face of the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

The competition had three sections, classical, jazz and klezmer. The directors are all clarinettists: Eva Wasserman-Margolis, former Principal Clarinet with the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, Elizabeth Crawford, a professor at Ball State University in Indiana and Diana Haskell of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

The jazz judges were : Victor Goines (Facilitator), Stéphane Chausse, Anat Cohen, Andy Firth, Doreen Ketchens , Andy Miles, Gabriele Mirabassi,Felix Peikli, Ken Peplowski, Soheil Peyghambari, Nailor Proveta, Eric Seddon.

The Jazz Winners, announced on 28 December, were:

1st PRIZE: Virginia MacDonald (Canada) Facebook

2nd PRIZE: Ewan Bleach (UK)  Website

3rd PRIZE: Joaquin Martinez Sosa (Cuba) Artist page at Theo Wanne

LINK: ICCC website

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  1. A quite wonderful selection. Especially gratifying to see Mr Bleach receiving recognition. One day, perhaps, his sublime alto-sax playing will also be recognised !


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