jazzahead! Hosts Panel Session on Brexit – (28 January 2021, 1400 GMT, 1500CET)

What aspects of Brexit would you like us to discuss on 28 January? asks Sebastian

Panellists on 28 January: Darrel Sheinman (Gearbox Records), Kim Macari (Vortex), Ian Smith (Frusion)

  On 28 January jazzahead! is hosting a “Virtual Session” to discuss Brexit and its implications. I will be co-host with Peter Schulze of jazzahead!, and with a very well-informed panel (above), we expect to have a really useful and full session. I was also invited to write a comment piece for jazzahead!’s blog (LINK). Here are the details, as posted on the jazzahead website: Virtual Session #5 28 January, 3 PM CET: Brexit: “What’s jazz got to do with it” Our fifth jazzahead! Virtual Session will focus on Brexit and include, among other subjects: the practical consequences of Brexit for UK-based musicians touring abroad, and for foreign musicians wanting to appear in the UK. What does Brexit mean for foreign promoters and venues? What are the consequences for UK clubs and festivals when hiring international talent? We will also look at the implications of the UK’s exit from the “Creative Europe” funding programme – and at what might replace it. With: Ian Smith – Owner (Frusion and Fizzion International Music Agencies) / Founder (UKEARTSWORK – see updates HERE) Darrel Sheinman – Founder, Producer (Gearbox Records) Kim Macari – Artist, Composer / Programmer (Vortex Jazz Club) / Chair (Jazz Promotion Network) / Relationship Manager (Music) & National Lead for Jazz & Improvised Music (Arts Council England) Moderated by Peter Schulze – jazzahead! and Sebastian Scotney – LondonJazz News Links to participate: ZOOM LINK TO THE EVENT ON FACEBOOK   Shortly after the event, the session will be available for  a limited period on the jazzahead! YouTube channel.  LINK: The full programme on the jazzahead! website Sebastian’s article on the jazzahead! blog Regular Updates on carnets, visas, work permits, tax etc. on

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